How to Pack the Perfect Hospital Bag eBook

I absolutely love the process of packing the perfect hospital bag to prepare for baby's arrival!

It's such an exciting time! And going through all of your little loves tiny things is just so so cute. This eBook is amazing because it includes a great list that will make sure you don't forget anything while also not overpacking. There's also some great packing tips and tricks, plus some other little ideas for preparing for your trip to the hospital or birth centre.

To download your 'How to Pack the Perfect Hospital Bag' eBook please click here and pop your details in so I can email it to you. The eBook is in PDF format.


  • Trillian Fitzpatrick

    Expecting in 3 weeks

  • Trillian Fitzpatrick

    Expecting my baby girl in 3 weeks

  • Belinda Musico

    Would be forever greatful for any help of what to pack. Thanks so much

  • Sky Hamilton

    Would love the hospital bag packing list!

  • Jessica

    Thank you!

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