Boxing Day Event


Our biggest sale yet!

It's been a hell of a year, let's celebrate the massive wins and say goodbye to the chaos that was 2021. There's a few reasons our Boxing Day Event is so huge... we have some different things coming in the New Year including some minor detail changes to our Nappy Bags, Wallets and Play Bags. Our current stock needs to go so we can make room! We are also likely moving in the near future so we would love for you to lighten our load when moving. Aaaaaaand one last thing - We are closing at the end of this week for two weeks!!! So this is your last chance to shop M&P until mid January.

P.S. now, now, before you all fret thinking the bags you know and love are changing, they're not much at all, these are very minor changes as part of manufacturing developments... so it just means a bargain for you in the meantime!

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