mama must-haves made beautiful

Pretty or practical? Why not both!

Creating More than just nappy bags

Making mum life a little easier without compromising on style.

As a busy mum of 2 under 2 (and small biz owner, oof!), I know that function is oh so important. As an artist I value unique, beautiful designs that reflect my style and make me feel confident. Milk & Poppy is the result of designing essentials that I love for me and my family, now I'm sharing them with you. From one mum to another.

From one mum to another

Hi, I'm Kassie. Mum to two, a wife to one, a creative soul passionate about all things motherhood and the proud owner of Milk & Poppy. Everything here - from our backpack nappy bags, to our little baby accessories - is made with love and designed with both style and practicality in mind. I even hand draw all our gorgeous prints! Thank you for supporting my small business, my art, my passion and my family 🧡

Mums Supporting Mums

Not only do I love creating beautiful, practical items for your family, I also love surrounding myself with a community of supportive mamas. If you’re looking for the best mother’s group - you’ve found it! Join us in our Facebook group, come and hang out with me on Instagram and get a bunch of support from our blog/free resources.