Milk & Poppy Universal Pram Liner - Fit Directory

You're looking for a pram liner that's going to fit your pram. You've seen our universal pram liners, but you're not sure how they'll look. You don't want to waste money on something that won't fit, so you're hesitant to buy one.

I understand! I'm here to help.

I've created a directory of different prams showing how our pram liners fit and what they look like on different pram models. So if you have a Bugaboo, Redsbaby, Babybee or any other model—whether it's a single stroller or double stroller—I can show you exactly how our pram liners will fit and look on that model!
This directory will constantly be updated as I try our pram liners on more and more pram models. A bit thank you to my local Newcastle Mum friends who have offered up their time and prams for me to experiment on.

So go ahead: check out our directory now! If yours isn't here or you want more info please feel free to send me a message by clicking the little speech bubble here or on Instagram, Facebook, email ( or text/call me on 0413528804 🧡