POSIE Phone Wallpaper Custom Template

FREE Custom Phone Wallpaper

Customise it with your own inspiring images, family photos, quotes, goals and affirmations.

I looooove to make new vision boards every couple of months or so and use them as my phone wallpaper. You don't have to use this wallpaper as a vision board though - you could just include your current favourite family photos 😍 so beautiful!
This template is designed on Canva - don't worry it's an easy to use app and it's completely free. I've included instructions in the email. Be sure to make a copy of the template and you can get customising! 
OH! And I want to see your phone wallpapers in use! Make sure you share a screenshot of your phone home screen to your Insta stories when you're done and tag me so I can see what you've created.

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