Printable Birth Affirmation Cards

Milk & Poppy Free Birth Affirmation Cards Printable

Your birth affirmation cards will be downloaded as a PDF document. From there you can print them out - I would suggest on some nice card paper.

You could print it double sided (without page 1) to have reversible Birth Affirmation Cards. 

Once printed, take your time cutting out your cards and reading the affirmations on them. If something doesn't sound that great to you just leave it to the side. If you feel like there's some affirmations missing, or you'd like to create some cards that have affirmations especially for you - use the blank ones to create your own.

You could punch a whole into the top of your cards and attach them to a long piece of string to create a bunting to hang up somewhere you will see them everyday. Then easily move them to your birth space when the time is right.

I'm so excited for you, I hope you have a great birth experience. Let me know what you think of these Birth Affirmation Cards.
Kassie x

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    Thank you 💚

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