10 Ways to Use Your Baby Swaddles That Aren’t Swaddling

Swaddling your baby is one of the best things ever! Seriously, a nice tight swaddle got me through the fourth trimester both times. Even still my girls love to be snuggled up in a swaddle for comfort every now and they're 2.5 and 4 years old!

The main benefit of using blanket style swaddles rather than zip/velcro up ones is that you can use them for SO much more than just swaddling your newborn baby. They also end up lasting a lifetime, rather than a few months (or sometimes weeks if you have a fast growing baby!) until your little one grows out of their current size.

I want to help you get the most out of your swaddles, so here’s 10 ways to use them that aren’t swaddling. You’ll want to keep a few swaddles everywhere! Lucky they fold up so compact - it’s easy to pop one or two in your nappy bag, pram and car everyday.

  1. Pram cover! Don’t cover your pram too tight especially on hot days as it can increase the temperature of the inside of the pram but as a loose overlay to get the sun out of your baby’s eyes it can be great! 
  2. A beautiful throw blanket. If it’s a little too hot for a blanket but there’s still some chill to the air you don’t want your little one to get cold, throw a swaddle over their legs and you're good to go. 
  3. A burp cloth. Our muslin swaddles are such a great blend of organic cotton and bamboo, not only are they amazingly soft but they are quite absorbent too. Perfect for any spills or spit-ups.
  4. On that note - towels! Our muslin swaddles make the most gorgeous, soft towels that are so so gentle on your baby's skin and dry incredibly fast.
  5. This one is for the mums! Our swaddles are big enough to be used as a sarong over your swimmers when you’re at the beach! If you're anything like me, it can be a bit confronting having a new body after kids but you don't want to be the one sitting at the beach fully clothed because of small insecurities. Make those memories with your kiddos and still be confident enough for some happy snaps! Just tie around your waist in a knot on the side, creating a slit at the front but still covering you up a little 
  6. A picnic blanket! If you've forgotten your Parker play bag, a swaddle can be a great alternative to keep you and your little ones off the ground (especially if they're like mine and hate the feeling of the grass on their legs).
  7. Swaddles are great accessories to have in labour! Have your birth partner or midwife support your belly by wrapping your swaddle around it and holding onto the ends of the swaddle behind you. Spinning babies have some great advice on labour and birth positions where you can use your swaddle for support.
  8. Roll up for a tummy time pillow. Once your little ones begin tummy time on the floor, it can be great to get them started by elevating their chests, so that they can practise lifting their heads up on their own. Fold the swaddle in thirds and roll it up, placing it down on the floor in a crescent moon shape. Then place your baby on top with the swaddle sitting under the armpits with forearms on the floor.
  9. Nursing cover- although it's absolutely not necessary to cover yourself when feeding some people like to, swaddles can be a great nursing cover as they are lightweight, buttery soft and compact to add to your nappy bag. There is also enough fabric to give it a tie at the back of your neck for extra stability.
  10. Use it for play! It’s amazing what kids can come up with when given a box of swaddles to play with. They can use them as dress ups, to set a scene or to wrap up their own baby dolls. Swaddles are an excellent open ended toy.

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