40 of the Sweetest Flower Inspired Baby Girl Names

Whether you’re looking for a unique or classic floral inspired baby name for a little girl (or little boy, there’s a few gender neutral names here) - I’ve listed them here! I’ve also included their meanings for you. Maybe you’ll find a name that you’ve never thought of before because the meaning really resonates for you. Here’s a list of the most beautiful flower baby girl names.


1. Marguerite

Marguerite is a French female given name, from which the English name Margaret is derived. In French Marguerite means “Daisy”

2. Lily

Lily is an English name used in reference to the popular white, showy flower. It signifies purity and innocence. Although it isn't derived directly from the Bible, it does have Biblical connections: lilies are often used to represent the Virgin Mary's purity

3. Daisy

Daisy, fresh, wholesome, and energetic, is one of the flower names that burst back into bloom after a century's hibernation. Daisy is now second only to Delilah among the most popular girl names starting with D

4. Fleur

Fleur is a feminine given name that originated in France, eventually used in English-speaking countries and other languages. It means "flower" in French.

5. Rose

The epitome of femininity, Rose is a girl's name of Latin origins, meaning “rose” and “flower.” The name gets its meaning from the Latin name Rosa, also referring to the timeless and romantic bloom.

6. Leilani

Leilani is a Hawaiian given name meaning "heavenly garland of flowers" or "royal child". The Hawaiian word lei refers to flowers and lani to the sky or heavens, with an association to royalty.

7. Azalea

Azalea means “dry” in Greek, but it also has a deeper meaning. In many cultures, azaleas are associated with femininity, delicate beauty, and the arrival of spring. It is also often used to symbolize a woman who is strong and independent, yet still elegant and refined.

8. Jasmine

The name Jasmine is of Persian origin, meaning ”gift from God." It is derived from the Persian word ” Yasmin,” referring to the plant, meaning "fragrant flower."

9. Heather

The name Heather means “evergreen flowering plant.” It typically refers to a flower native to the rocky lands of Scotland. The flower is resilient and well-beloved in its native land, which makes it a perfect name for a strong child that’s overcome the odds.

10. Zinnia

Zinnia is an unusual floral choice with a bit more edge and energy than most and beginning to find its way onto names’ wish lists of botanical possibilities. In the language of flowers, Zinnias symbolize remembrance.

11. Violet

Violet is a lovely name that evokes the beauty, grace, and power of nature. It's an English name of Latin origin that means purple. 

12. Aster

Aster is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin, meaning “star.” Aster is also a flower, named for its star-like appearance, and was considered sacred to the Greek and Roman deities.

13. Iris

From the name of the flowering plant, which comes from the Greek iris, meaning "rainbow". The Iris is the name for both a part of the eye and a flower.

14. Marigold

The name Marigold is girl's name of English origin meaning "golden flower"

15. Poppy

Poppy is a feminine name of Latin and Old English origin. This name refers to a type of flower known for its bright, delicate petals. While it's beautiful to look at, poppies are also rich with symbolism, representing sleep, peace, and death.

16. Bryony

Bryony is an unusually strong plant name --the bryony is a wild climbing vine with green flowers

17. Primrose

Primrose is a feminine name of British origin, meaning “first rose.” This is a 19th-century name for a beautiful pale yellow flower that blooms in early in spring, making it a befitting moniker for baby born in the springtime.

18. Dahlia

Dahlia means “valley flower” or “flower of the valley” and is associated with beauty, commitment, and kindness.

19. Banksii

Banksii is a gender-neutral name of English origin that is sure to match baby’s rebellious, artistic side. I’ve included it in this list because it reminds me of Banksia flowers - a native Australian flora.

20. Euca

Euca is a name that indicates a gift of gab - the ability to persuade others effortlessly. You are expressive, optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring. Again, I’m including it in this list as a nod to the eucalyptus flower - another native Australian flora.

21. Holly

The name comes from the holly plant and means resilience and eternal life

22. Ivy

Called after the climbing evergreen plant, Ivy represents eternity and fidelity. In ancient Greece, newlyweds wore ivy wreaths to show their loyalty and devotion to one another.

23. Sage

Sage is more than a crunchy-feely name that works well for boys and girls. This Latin originating name means “wise” and “healthy.”

24. Cedar

Cedar is a gender-neutral name of Latin origins, meaning “cedar tree.” Like its Oak, Ash, and Pine cousins, the Cedar tree has a meaning that roots much deeper. 

25. Ren

Ren is a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin. Meaning "lotus", this name will inspire baby to bloom and blossom every day while still being reminded of her roots. In Japanese culture, the lotus flower is the Buddhist symbol of perfection and purity, making the name Ren all the more fitting for your beautiful baby.

26. Posie

The name Posie is primarily a female name of English origin that means Small Flower.

27. Flori

Flori as a girl's name is related to the Latin names Flora and Florence. The meaning of Flori is "flower".

28. Amber

Amber is a feminine name of French and Latin origin, meaning “amber-colored.” This gemstone name is derived from the Arabic Ambar, which means “jewel.” In Hindi, Amber has roots in Sanskrit and means “the sky.”

29. Blossom

While the word blossom typically refers to a flower, it can also be used as a verb meaning "to flourish" or "thrive." In the gardening world, the pink flowers of the cherry blossom tree are symbolic of renewal and growth during springtime.

30. Clover

Clover is a girl's name of British origin, meaning “meadow flower.” Inspired by nature, this name could be perfect for a baby who blossoms to life in the spring, just on time for St. Patrick's day.

31. Flora

Flora is a name of a goddess of flowers and season of springs in Roman Mythology.

32. Florentina

A feminine form of the Roman name Florentius, which was from the Latin word florens, meaning "blossoming, flourishing".

33. Hazel

Hazel is a primarily female given name meaning "hazel", from the name of the tree or the color. It is derived from the Old English hæsel. It became a popular name in English-speaking countries during the 19th century, along with other names of plants or trees used for girls.

34. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a variant form of the given name Hyacinthe. The name is derived from a Greek word meaning the blue larkspur flower or the colour purple.

35. Laticia

A fire element and strong baby name. Laticia flowers are like a type of frangipani.

36. Laurel

An English Baby Name. The meaning of the name Laurel is: The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.

37. Kalina

Kalina is a girl's name of Bulgarian origin. This name has roots in the Slavic languages, including Polish, but its Bulgarian iteration translates to “love and affection,” a perfect match for a precious new addition to your family. Alina flowers are little white blooms.

38. Lavender

The name Lavender comes from the plant. The evergreen shrub got its name from either Old French lavandre meaning "to wash", or from Latin livere, meaning "blueish".

39. Meadow

The name Meadow symbolizes the freshness and beauty of a field in bloom. It is a name that evokes feelings of peace and serenity, making it a popular choice for parents who want a calming and peaceful name for their daughter.

40. Willow

Willow is a feminine name of Old English origin meaning “willow tree.” It is derived from the word welig, which is the Old English for “willow.” These graceful trees are known for their elegant, “willowy” structure and ability to grow and prosper despite unfavourable conditions.


All these flowery names have a beautiful meaning behind them. Would the meaning behind the name impact your choice?

Let me know your favourite name out of this list in the comments! 

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